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What to expect
At your first conference we will discuss with you the avenues that are open to you and how we consider you should proceed. 
You will be advised whether you have an obligation to attend mediation and whether mediation could benefit you, whether it would be prudent to negotiate a settlement or whether it is necessary to commence Court proceedings. 
Throughout your matter you can be assured that we will continually review whether the strategy employed is productive or whether other approaches should be adopted.


We understand that family law issues are very personal and can be very emotional and that it is important to provide advice and assistance which is professional but also supportive and practical.  We are concerned that too many family law firms and lawyers are perceived as focusing on their own monetary compensation ahead of their clients needs.

We do this work because we care about your families and your children, not for any other reason and we consider that to be the difference between us and other family law firms and lawyers.  

At McGowan Family Law we are dedicated to providing a very high level of professional but personalised service and to achieving the best possible outcome in your matter. 

We are proficient in communicating with clients and ensuring that clients understand their rights and entitlements and how to resolve their post separation issues.    Many of our clients tell us of experiences with lawyers who provide advice in a complicated and legalistic manner and this is overwhelming to them.   

At McGowan Family Law we will ensure that you understand our advice, the options available to you and the costs that you can expect at certain stages of your matter.